Japan–India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP)

Our Activities

Mission to Haryana and Rajasthan—air compressor technologies

22nd December, 2018 | Haryana, Rajasthan

Mission to Vapi (Gujarat)—steam technologies

21st December, 2018 | Vapi, Gujarat

Mission to Vijayawada, Ongole and Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)

20th December, 2018 | Vijayawada, Ongole and Nellore, (Andhra Pradesh)

Indian delegation in Hyogo, Japan

17th -18th July, 2018 | Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Kansai Region

MOEJ-MoEFCC Ministerial policy dialogue

13th April, 2018 | Delhi

JITMAP Mission to Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune - 2nd Dialogue Meeting

15th–20th January 2018|Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune

Mission to Chennai, Ahmedabad.

3rd–13th December 2017| Chennai, Ahmedabad

Mission to Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai

28th October–4th November 2017| Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai

Mission to Pune, India

24th - 29th September 2017| Pune

JITMAP 1st Dialogue Meeting at Yokohama

26th July 2017 | Yokohama

JITMAP Symposium, Kobe, Japan

23rd January 2017| Kobe

Mission to Pune

18th–21st January 2017| Pune

Mission to Mumbai

13th – 17th November 2016| Mumbai

Mission to Chennai, India

21st – 27th August 2016| Chennai

Launch of JITMAP at Yokohama, Japan

13th July 2016| Yokohama

Matchmaking and Dissemination Workshop

12th January, 2016 | Ahmedabad