Japan–India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP)

Core Members

IGES and TERI are the Core Members of JITMAP .  

The Core Members shall invite other stakeholders from Japan and India to join JITMAP as Dialogue Members.

The Core Members shall, in coordination with the Dialogue Members, enable matchmaking of Business to Business (B2B), Business to Funding Institutions (B2F), and Business to Policymakers (B2P), through conducting the following activities:

  • Onsite feasibility studies and Training of Trainers (ToT)
  • Develop project proposals to be actually implemented by Indian end-users, and/or if necessary, develop bankable proposals for matching them with appropriate funding agencies
  • Actual implementation of projects and best operating practices (BOPs) to showcase their benefits
  • Follow-up regarding the implemented projects/BOPs to ensure their continuous operation
  • Explore the replication of the implemented projects/BOPs at a wider level 

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