Japan–India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP)


The Core Members of JITMAP shall, in coordination with the Dialogue Members, enable matchmaking of Business to Business (B2B), Business to Funding Institutions (B2F), and Business to Policymakers (B2P), through the following activities:

  • Onsite feasibility studies and Training of Trainers (ToT)
  • Develop project proposals to be actually implemented by Indian end-users, and/or if necessary, develop bankable proposals for matching them with appropriate funding agencies
  • Actual implementation of projects and best operating practices (BOPs) to showcase their benefits
  • Follow-up regarding the implemented projects/BOPs to ensure their continuous operation
  • Explore the replication of the implemented projects/BOPs at a wider level 

Recent Activities

MOEJ-MoEF&CC Ministerial policy dialogue | 13th April 2018

JITMAP was introduced as a potential tool, among others, to promote Japan-India low carbon technology collaboration to combat climate change. This was during the Ministerial policy dialogue between the Ministry of Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), India held in Delhi on 13 Apr. 2018, co-chaired by Mr. C.K. Mishra, Secretary, MoEF&CC and Mr. Yasuo Takahashi, Hon’ble Vice-Minister for global affair MOEJ. The Policy Dialogue focused on joint collaboration over three fronts: Waste Management, Climate Change, and Air Pollution.

TERI-AP MoU | 25th February 2018

JITMAP could be among others tools to promote Japanese energy efficient technologies and best practices among industries and other key stakeholders in the state of Andhra Pradesh. JITMAP was mentioned in the MOU signed by TERI and Andhra Pradesh State Energy Efficiency Development Corporation Ltd. (APSEEDCO), Vijayawada, to promote energy efficient, renewable energy technologies, and global best practices among industries and other key stakeholders in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

JITMAP 2nd dialogue meeting and mission to Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, India | 15th- 20th January 2018

Under this mission, 2nd dialogue meeting for JITMAP was organised along with feasibility study for energy efficient belt technologies in Indian dairy and auto comp industries. The 2nd dialogue meeting was attended by key stakeholders from Gujarat(GEDA,GITCO), Maharashtra (MEDA,MCCIA),and representatives from the Indian and Japanese industries.

Feasibility study at Amul group, Ahmedabad

Feasibility study at Eagle Fibres in Surat

Feasibility study at TATA Auto Comp in Pune

Mission to Chennai, Ahmedabad, India | 3rd – 13th December 2017

Under this mission feasibility study of energy efficient compressor technologies in Indian chocolate and dairy industries was conducted

Feasibility study at Mondelez Chennai

Feasibility study at Amul, Ahmedabad

Mission to Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, India | 28th October-4th November 2017

This mission targeted introducing the JITMAP platform to Japanese stakeholders in India and technology matchmaking between Indian industry and Japanese manufacturers of energy efficient steam technology

Engaging Japanese business in JITMAP activities- Kobelco India Headquarters, Gurgaon

Meeting with representative of Embassy of Japan in India, New Delhi

Matching Japanese energy efficient steam technologies with Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai

Mission to Pune, India | 24th - 29th September 2017

This mission was organised to conduct training workshop for energy auditors about low carbon technologies, engaging key industrial organisation in Maharashtra under the JITMAP platform and conducting feasibility study for energy efficient air compressor technology in Indian industries.

Meeting with stakeholder- Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA) as a potential dialogue member

Training of energy auditors

Japanese experts at Badve industries

Japanese experts at Trinity

JITMAP 1st dialogue meeting at Yokohama, Japan | 26th July 2017

The first dialogue meeting was organised to discuss the way forwards and plan of action for the JITMAP platform, the meeting was attended by Indian and Japanese dialogue members.

JITMAP Symposium, Kobe, Japan | 23rd January 2017

Symposium was organised to disseminate information on the activities and progress of JITMAP

Mission to Pune, India | 18th-21st January 2017

Under this mission key Indian stakeholders were engaged in JITMAP platform and training workshop for energy efficiency experts was organised.

Meeting with MEDA as a potential JITMAP dialogue member

Training of Indian energy efficiency experts

Mission to Mumbai, India | 13th – 17th November 2016

Under this mission technology match making between Indian and Japanese industries was conducted for heat pump technology and a Stakeholder awareness workshop was organised to disseminate information on low carbon technologies

Matchmaking effort at Reliance industries and BPCL

Stakeholder awareness workshop for low carbon technology dissemination

Mission to Chennai, India | 21st – 27th August 2016

Feasibility studies and stakeholder awareness workshop was conducted for energy efficient technologies. Feasibility studies targeted energy efficient compressor technology in pharmaceutical and automobile industries

Japanese expert at Fourrts pharmaceuticals
Japanese experts at Nissan Renault
Japanese experts at Pfizer
Japanese experts at Kyowa Castec
Japanese experts at 21st Century
Stakeholder awareness workshop

Launch of JITMAP at Yokohama, Japan | 13th July 2016

The Japan India Technology Matchmaking Platform was launched to promote low carbon technology transfer from Japan to India as a collaborative effort between IGES (Japan) and TERI (India)

Launch of JITMAP at International forum for Sustainable Asia Pacific (ISAP)